Why Use a Project Manager?

Why Use a Project Manager?

Project Management: What is it exactly, and why do I need it on my landscaping project?

Undertaking any project can be overwhelming for homeowners, particularly on larger projects where there are many elements being brought together. Project Management is the overseeing of the project, to ensure it all comes together. This includes selecting and managing various trades, checking on progress and making necessary decisions and changes throughout all the stages of the project, as it progresses from concept to completion. 

The most common reason that we hear as to why customers make the decision to undertake their own project management is due to a lack of understanding of the importance and purpose of a project manager; and that is what we are setting out to try to change. 

Common misconceptions are that self-project managing will give the customer more control and save them money. 

Often the result is the complete opposite. More often than not, these customers report that they found the experience so stressful that they are determined never to do it again!

…That’s where we come in!

At Premier Constructed, we pride ourselves in offering a wholistic approach to our exterior construction and landscaping projects, which includes a superior project management service so that we can ensure your project is brought together on time, on budget, and to the high quality that you are hoping to achieve.

This project management service also extends to our concreting services via Premier Concrete Perth, which is built into our prices. This service is unlike most of our competitors in the industry, who provide concreting in isolation, and lack the understanding of integrating your concrete, whether it be an exposed aggregate driveway or a honed concrete alfresco, with the rest of your landscaping project and/or your home.

So… How Will Using Premier Constructed’s Project Management Services Benefit Me?

Below we will outline just a few of the many pro’s to using a professional project management service, such as the one that we offer in-house at Premier Constructed.

Managed Expectations

We know what to expect from certain materials we work with, and how they also work with each other; whether it be the timber in your outdoor structure, installation of natural stone to your new alfresco or even your new exposed aggregate concrete driveway. We know the suppliers, the history of the materials, the lead times, and the expected project timelines. We run a fully-transparent business model where we keep our customers informed, educated and as in-the-loop as possible, so your expectations  and understanding of your project are not just understood before we start – but throughout the entire process.

Highly Experienced

Our team are highly experienced in both project management, and construction across residential home and landscaping projects. There’s pretty much nothing we haven’t seen in our many years on the ground and our varied experience allows us to understand your project as a whole.

Stress-Free Process

Allowing us to manage your project ultimately takes the stress out of the project for you. 

You can trust us to ensure your project is brought together to a high standard and without any issues, leaving you to worry about living your daily life and fully enjoy your outdoor space when it’s time to handover. 

Time Management & Efficiency

Generally your project will have many different facets, which could include delivery of materials, groundworks, decorative concrete, natural stone paving, feature timber, plumbing and electrical works, planting – you name it! Our extensive project experience has allowed us to know exactly when to bring the right materials and trades in at the right times, to maximise efficiency and ensure the project runs smoothly and as quickly as possible. This can be very overwhelming and stressful to people with no experience in this area – and it’s where we are at our best!

Absolute Quality & Risk Mitigation

With our extensive experience and expertise, we see problems before they arise, and we only accept the best level of workmanship and materials on your project. Often, these minor details are not things that our customers would notice themselves, but all contribute to a finished project that is absolute next-level in quality, and that’s what we pride ourselves on.

It also ensures that your vision, concept and where applicable – your design, are brought to life the same way you visualised them.

Cost Saving

We have many relationships with the best suppliers in Perth, and are often able to pass on discounts to our customers. You will also save money by our seamless approach to scheduling your project to have the trades in at particular times, working the most efficiently as possible. The ability to be proactive and mitigate against risk, also avoids potential cost and scope blow outs which can occur when self project managing. 

Understanding the Bigger Picture & Liaison

With extensive experience in the whole home Design and Building process, not just in landscaping, we understand how and when different aspects and trades come together – and are able to schedule these to work together as seamlessly as possible. 

We speak your language and value good communication and transparency, so you’ll be kept in the loop with language you understand, but we also speak the language of the builders and trades people so we can get the best outcome possible without anything getting lost in communication. 


Tom, our Project Manager & Director is available to answer any questions you may have!

We take pride in our work, and take full responsibility and liability for our exterior building, concrete and landscaping projects.

Having a dedicated project manager means that you can trust that we will ensure everything is completed properly, with no cutting corners. With one point of contact, you won’t have to worry. We also have a warranty period on all of your work.

Want to talk more about project management on your project? Call Tom our Project Director on 0420 714 523 or email hello@premierconstructed.com.au

We would love to give you advice on how to best approach your project, however big or small!

Learn More About Our Project Management Services Here:[PREMIER CONSTRUCTED PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES]

Note: Of course, where we are requested to undertake portions of your landscaping or concrete projects and you do not wish to utilise our full project management skills, this is something that we can discuss on a project to project basis.

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