The Biggest Plant Trends of 2019

The Biggest Plant Trends of 2019

Being a Landscape Design and Construction company in Perth, it makes sense that we would stay on top of the plant trends!

Before we dive into what is trending in the world of plants, both indoors and out, please note that our planting decisions are not always based on trends, but more so our customers personal tastes and style of their home, the location of the plants (proximity to the sun, elements, hardscaping and other plants) and other factors such as whether the plants can be high maintenance or if low maintenance is important; and whether the plants need to be water wise. We highly recommend undertaking a planting consult with our professional landscapers to find the best fit for your home!

So, what is currently trending in the world of plants?

  • Bigger is better – indoor plants seem to be taking over the house! Which is great not only for aesthetics and mood, but air quality too
  • Succulents & cactus are still going strong!
  • Ferns are starting to become more popular, especially indoors.
  • Tropical Plants (our personal favourites!)
  • Desert plants & landscaping for a low maintenance and water wise garden
  • Using plants as art – including feature walls
  • There’s speculation that the Fiddle Leaf is going to be phased out of popularity, but we find that hard to believe! 
Perth Landscape Gardener designer and construction plant selection and species
Planting consults are available via Premier Constructed

TELL US – What are your favourite plant types and uses this year? Do you disagree with any of our points – or have anything to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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