Liquid Limestone "Concrete"

Liquid Limestone is made up of a combination of crushed limestone, concrete and other materials and additives, which gives it it’s unique appearance. A popular choice due to its attractive price point. Although not as strong as exposed aggregate; it is the much more cost effective option.

Popular especially for use on side pathways, alfresco and even around swimming pools; liquid or “poured” limestone may be the cheaper option to exposed aggregate but it is definitely a better choice than your conventional brick-pavers, which have much higher maintenance requirements due to a tendency to sink. This means that they generally need replacing within as little as 5 to 10-years after installation, especially on high traffic areas. By choosing liquid limestone over paving, you’re also saying “goodbye” to issues such as movement, weeds and you guessed it – those pesky ants!

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What are the benefits to Liquid Limestone?

There are many benefits to using liquid limestone on your project, particularly in areas such as pathways. These benefits include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Longer lasting than pavers
  • Avoid Weeds 
  • Suitable for a wide range of areas, such as Alfrescos & Footpaths
  • Available in a wide range of colours 
  • Cost effective

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How Can Premier Concrete Perth Help?

The helpful team at Premier Concrete Perth will personally help guide you through the near unlimited choice of liquid limestone and decorative concrete mixes. Within as little as one week, you could have a totally revamped outdoor space.

Premier Concrete Perth can assist with absolutely all areas of your project; including groundworks, resetting your levels, removing the old pavers or existing concrete, installing drains and any reticulation requirements you may have.

Next; we’ll do the prep-work and form-up and install extra strength reinforced steel mesh. At Premier Concrete Perth, all of our concrete projects are formed and poured at 100mm thickness.. Unlike other competitors in the industry, there’s no cutting corners and every stage of our process, from design, batching, placement and finishing of the concrete; meticulous planning is undertaken top ensure the most professional concrete practices are performed, minimising all the potential risks involved with concrete. We deliver a superior customer experience and finished product.

Your finished space is a testament to the planning, passion, and experience from the entire team at Premier Concrete Perth, offering the seamless process and our ever growing customer base.