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Click the FAQ’s below to find out more, and learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our company  our decorative concrete process – and about honed and exposed concrete.

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With our love of concrete, transparency, old fashioned customer service and a seamless process from start to finish, our work ethic and technical ability are the benchmark for decorative concrete solutions here in Perth. We stand behind our work and promise to guide our customers towards creating stunning concrete finishes others only dream of.

Exposed and honed concretes have quickly become the preferred choice of external flooring here in Perth. The benefits of exposed aggregate concrete solutions far outweigh conventional brick pavers, thanks to its hard-wearing longevity and stunning appearance. Turnaround times are surprisingly quick, with exceptionally low maintenance, absence of potential weed problems, and the avoidance of sinking pavers needing repaving every 5-10 years. Honed concrete compliments these exact same benefits but with a smooth, elegant and seamless finish, making honed concrete an instant choice for any beautiful outdoor area. Decorative concrete has a unique, unlimited architectural style catalogue, for creating or transforming outdoor areas. Minimal maintenance, divine look and feel and a huge reduction of dust allergens and weeds, are reasons decorative concrete is fast becoming a go-to choice for designers, architects, boutique builders and new customers. There are a number of decorative concrete solutions to suit any home or commercial property needs.

Exposed aggregate concrete is predominantly used on driveways & pathways, with an amazingly robust practicality and stylish look, it is cost effective and works exceptionally well in these areas.
Honed concrete’s sleekness, sophistication and smooth under foot texture is suited beautifully to your outdoor socialising areas, such as alfrescos, courtyards, and swimming pool surrounds. Our seamless pool forming system will ensure an unparalleled seamless flow to new and existing swimming pools. Whether it’s a straight forward rectangular pool or kidney shaped, our seamless honed concrete removes the need for standard capping and brings together a flow like no other to all of your outdoor areas. Finally, polished concrete is strictly applied indoors only, with an unlimited choice of beautifully crafted finishes, colours, and textures. We work closely with you to create the ultra-modern look or industrial style feel you’ve always dreamed of in your custom styled home. If you want to discuss which concrete solution would suit your space, get in touch!

Absolutely! We want nothing more than for our customers to experience a tailored and beautiful concrete finish. If you feel you’d like to tweak a mix, dull down a particular tone, or implement some awesome glow stick style aggregate in your mix, we will advise you and help create your own stylish concrete look.

Absolutely not! After our initial site visit, we’ll provide options for removing and existing paving or sand, set the exact working levels for your new concrete, and take care of any drainage requirements you may have.

Yes! Premier Concrete Perth are one of just a few companies to install reinforcing steel mesh to all areas of your decorative concrete, regardless of whether its trafficable, pedestrian pathways, or alfresco areas. Premier Concrete also pride ourselves on using a higher quality steel mesh. Reinforcing steel mesh is positioned with precision into concrete, to ensure structural integrity as well as mitigating against all potential possibilities of shrinkage cracking. With decades of experience, we work sufficient reinforcing steel mesh thought out your entire job to ensure minimum exposure to risk.

Yes, Premier Concrete Perth will install control cuts into your concrete. These cuts are designed and placed strategically at suitable positions to help mitigate against cracking. These cuts are not meant to be decorative, but at the same time are incorporated with an aesthetic feel. Decades of experience, intuition, and an acute attention for detail will aid the process.

Yes! It is standard practice for every single job. Anti-Slip sealers are used in all sealing applications, unless specifically requested otherwise.

Unfortunately, not. No supplier, concrete installer, builder, or engineer can or will guarantee that the concrete will not crack. However, every effort at every stage of design, batching, placement and finishing of the concrete, will be taken by our team to reduce the possibility of cracking.

Your new aggregate concrete floor will need time to cure and dry before any traffic has access. We highly recommend avoiding newly poured concrete for a minimum of 1 week. Best practice would be to avoid walking on the concrete for at least 48 hours if access to that space is absolutely necessary. Our number one objective is to create unparalleled and beautiful concrete surfaces, which takes an element of teamwork! We would advise avoiding driving on newly poured exposed aggregate driveway for at least 7 days. This is to ensure it is fully cured and has had the time to reach its optimal strength. All exposed & honed concrete areas would be best avoided for two days post sealing.

Yes! However, If you are pouring multiple areas, for instance a driveway, alfresco and pool surround, pouring these areas at the same time would definitely become more cost effective.

Our decorative concrete is sourced right here in WA, elements of the concrete are natural earthy products and also consist of cement. Embracing quarried products including sand, pebble, and stones, bring together a sturdy yet elegant mixture of components. Whilst we source our concrete from only the highest and most reputable suppliers, these natural products do have the capability of creating variations in colour, texture and the finish of the final concrete product (they are natural products!). Having said this, our decorative concrete has a long lasting and consistent track record of looking fabulous and outperforming rival products.

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