How Landscape Design Can Transform Your Garden

How Landscape Design Can Transform Your Garden

There are endless advantages to using landscape design for your outdoor space. From well-considered layouts and systems to features such as installed seating, fountains, fire pits, patios and outdoor kitchens – landscape design can transform your garden into an inviting and even environmentally sustainable space.

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Landscape designers use detailed plans, concepts and sketches in preparation to create your new outdoor space. Usually, landscape designers will have a good knowledge of plants and gardening and will apply this knowledge to create an efficient space that suits your needs, tastes and budgets.

When you hire a landscape designer, you can relax in the knowledge that they are well equipped to not only add value to your property but allow you to enjoy your slice of nature as much as possible.

Add Value

Whether your garden is your personal sanctuary or just an afterthought, many homeowners don’t realise that their garden adds up to 5-20% of their property’s value. Gardens clearly have a big influence on the value of our homes, so you could benefit greatly from maximising the space. Landscape designers know the best ways to add value to your garden while meeting your desires for taste and functionality simultaneously.

Maximise Efficiency

There are many ways that landscape designers will make your garden more efficient for you and the environment. Even things like the placement of trees can have a positive effect on your energy bills, and landscape designers know this. When trees are placed perfectly they can reduce your heating costs.

We live in an age where 71.4% of shoppers consider the environmental impact of their shopping choices, and shoppers constantly seek out tips for how to reduce their carbon footprints. For a low-maintenance garden, landscape designers can also plan to include native plants to reduce water costs and encourage bees and butterflies.

Impressive features that fit your budget

Work with a landscape designer to create a list of wants and wishes that are realistic for your budget. Your landscape project will have a clear schedule, with every step designed to match your budget. It is common for plans to change throughout the journey, and you may want to make changes as you begin to see your vision come to life. Good landscape designers will plan for this and create a schedule that allows for changes of heart and fits your cash-flow.

A bespoke garden you will love

Landscape designers are here to create a space that you and your family will love and enjoy for years and years to come. Their job is not only to produce a finished product that you and those around you love but to build a garden space that respects regulations and codes

Designers will assure they create your dream space by allowing you to visualise yourself in the new space. This gives you a moment to be sure that you know what you want and that it will suit your needs. This can be done via 3D renders of your designed space, even videos. 

When you decide to apply landscape design to your garden, you are welcoming endless opportunities and benefits. The best part is, with landscape design it is all about you and your expectations. Choose landscape design and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting throughout the process, there’s no nasty surprises or sudden changes.

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