European Concepts: The Collective

European Concepts: The Collective

We proud to be associated with European Ceramics as one of the Designers in their Collective. You can check the designers in the Collective here:

On Wednesday 28th August, one of our Directors Bianca Atkinson attended an industry event hosted by Spreading Roomers at the brand new European Concepts location at 38 King Edward Road, Osborne Park. This event pulled together different designers and industry professionals over casual chats and collaboration ideas, incredible food and more importantly – an opportunity to view the new premises for European Concepts.

I have one word. Wow.

In fact, I was almost speechless. The more that I meandered and investigated the different rooms and set-ups, the more I fell in love with each of the different spaces that have been created. This is one that has to be seen to be believed. Whether you’re looking to renovate, or you’re about to build your dream home (or perhaps you just love being nosey – which is totally okay too!); we highly recommend you head over to check out the store in person. You will be able to walk through the huge premises and play with the products and finishes in person.

European Ceramics and European Concepts maintains the principle that good design is more than balancing form and function; it’s about having a growing curiosity for the new, innovative, and reformist.

What’s better is that there is going to be a stunning cafe/restaurant inside opening soon – which will even be serving wine and pasta. If that’s not enough to get you running through the doors alone, check out some of my photos below:


Visit Their Website:
Visit Their New Showroom: 38 King Edward Road, Osborne Park (Perth).

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