Delivering Concrete Excellence to Industry Professionals – Builders & Designers

Delivering Concrete Excellence to Industry Professionals – Builders & Designers

We love the opportunity to talk about concrete and to showcase the level of our craftsmanship when it comes to decorative concrete.

The very foundations of our company Premier Concrete Perth was not only born from a pure love for concrete and the outdoors, but for bringing details and quality together, ultimately to deliver absolute excellence to our customers.

Our customers are comprised of residential “customers”, as well as other businesses such as builders and designers. They understand and support our method, passion, dedication and delivery.

Our project management skills which have been developed from decades of construction and landscaping projects, are fully implemented on all of our concrete projects, which is a huge benefit to our B2B customers (builders, architects, designers and developers), as they get the opportunity to step back a little and trust us to deliver an exceptional result for their projects.

We recently invited Alastair from Urban Journey out to check one of our recent concrete pours in Greenwood, and he was impressed with the result. Here’s what he had to say:

“I LOVE Concrete and I LOVE visiting other people’s projects. Fortunately, Tom and Bianca from @PremierConstructed also love concrete and are always happy to open up their world of great projects to show me closeup. This is from their recent hit & miss white concrete pool surround and I’ve gotta tel you, when the remaining details get sticked together, this homeowner is going to have a stack of new friends lining up around the block to use it.
Concrete can be a challenging thing to get right but you’re in great hands with this team”. – Alastair, Urban Journey

Industry professionals of Perth – If you are in need of a quality concrete installation on your project(s) in Perth, and you’d like to chat more about our method, processes and costs, or even see our concrete projects in person, please reach out to us via or call us 08 6115 6361. We would love to chat!

You can view Alastair’s original post about his visit to our decorative concrete project on his Instagram Account Here [@Urban_Journey]

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