7 Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Shower

7 Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Shower


At Premier Constructed, Perth’s Landscaping Specialists, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for showers in landscaping projects in the last 12 months, with our customers eager to connect back with nature and the outdoors. If you have a swimming pool, spend a lot of time at the beach, have children and pets; then an outdoor shower would be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space!

At Premier Constructed Landscaping Division, we love assisting our customers with the design and installation of their outdoor showers. Creating a sense of outdoor escape and connection to nature, it’s important you feel like you have your own personal oasis.

But what important things should you consider before deciding to install an outdoor shower at your home.

1. Is it Environmentally Conscious?

We feel it’s an absolute necessity to design an Environmentally Conscious outdoor bathroom. Use waterwise/low-flow shower heads, with an energy efficiency rating. This can greatly reduce water wastage. Heated water can be run off solar; and if you have little ones, you could consider a fun “egg-timer” to time shower durations.

Incorporating natural, organic materials and waterwise planting into your design is the environmentally conscious decision, which will not only make you feel good – but looks good as well.

2. Is an Outdoor Shower Suitable to be Installed on Any Property?

Providing you have wall space for a shower and sufficient drainage, you’re ready to go!

3. Should my outdoor shower be Cold Water Only, or run Hot Water too?

Outdoor showers can have the option of being cold water only; or having both hot and cold water. Upgrading to a shower with an option for hot water would see the shower being used more frequently throughout the year, so we personally feel it’s a must-have! 

4. What is the best place to install my outdoor shower?

Outdoor showers should be installed close to swimming pools, but tucked nicely out of sight. 

Outdoor showers should be their own little sanctuary. Whilst some users will not feel inhibited, others would enjoy the space much more if privacy is considered. Tuck the shower out of the way of your main outdoor entertaining area, so that it is not directly visible from the seating area, or the inside of the home. If this is not possible, consider adding screening elements such a natural planting screen or vertical timber screening, to create privacy and shelter. No-one needs to be caught singing in the shower by the neighbour (especially in the nude!)!

5. What Type of Flooring Should I use in my Outdoor Shower?

To avoid slip hazards – the flooring should be well considered, along with sufficient drainage, particularly if the outdoor shower will be used to wash off sand from the beach. A good option for flooring is honed concrete with a non-slip sealer, which we use as standard around any pool / outdoor wet area. Timber decking can soften a space and allows for great drainage.

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6. What are Some Good Design Suggestions for My Outdoor Bathroom and Shower Area?

We are finding increasing popularity with copper showers and shower heads. We love the contrast of copper showers against natural, earthy timbers, stunning honed concrete (finished with a non-slip sealer); off-set with tonnes of green plants and some feature tiles. We love using organic supplies and contrasting materials. Using natural timber (or composite) on the base of the shower (sealed with a waterproof sealer), ensures that the concrete or other material doesn’t get too hot underfoot. It’s important to consider the type of timber you’re using here, due to the heat rating underfoot.

We have collaborated with one of our plumbing contractors and have been installing custom copper showers into our projects, and will be releasing these for retail on their own in the new year. (Pictured: Abbett Street, Scarborough Project).

7. What Design Aspects Should I Avoid In My Outdoor Shower Area?

It’s also important not to forget incorporating elements such as hooks and a ledge, to hang your towels and place your belongings.

We would recommend not having the bathroom completely visible from the inside of the home, or the entertaining areas if possible.

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Our Thoughts on Outdoor Showers…

We are so glad that Outdoor Showers are becoming so popular across Perth. We feel that as a whole, Perth residents are starting to treat their outdoor area as its own “outdoor room” of the house; and giving it as much attention and budget as it deserves, instead of it being just an afterthought. This is a fantastic thing, as it means more people are living outdoors, and benefitting from this in many ways. As more and more backyard oasis’s are being created and shared via marketing, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, consumers are realizing the potential of their outdoor spaces and are inspired to create their own sanctuary in their own back yard.

Outdoor bathrooms are a great way to connect with nature. At Premier Constructed, we are huge believers that your outdoor space should be an extension of your home. Outdoor bathrooms instantly bring elements of indoor living, outdoors. Spending time outdoors and connecting with nature has been proven to have positive health effects, including an improvement in mood. We love Perth and the stunning weather we get here; so it makes sense to make the most of it by creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Cold showers themselves also have huge health benefits, regularly taking cold showers results in reduced stress levels, higher level of alertness, weight loss and a more robust immune system. 

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These thoughts were shared with The Weekend West newspaper in the New Homes magazine lift out, on Saturday 31st November 2019.

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