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Perth Landcaping Services

Landscaping, Garden Design & Decking in Perth


Premier Constructed prides itself on offering stand-out project management, construction and landscaping design services to Perth. Embracing Perth’s stunning outdoor lifestyle, we believe that quality living begins outdoors.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive pricing fused with affiliations with top designers and absolute quality tradesmen allow us to offer superior value, workmanship and longevity.
  • Customer experience is our focus. We understand that in today’s busy world, your time is valuable. You will be assigned a landscape designer who will take on complete responsibility in coordinating and managing your project from start to finish, to alleviate any potential stress for you.
  • We are a family-run, owner-operated landscape contractors business. Our close-knit team values honesty, authenticity and integrity, and these values are clear in everything we do.

Our Values:

Always On Time – Our clients have busy professional and family lives, so being on time at each step of the journey is essential.

Maintain Transparency & Flexibility – Challenges arise from time-to-time, but we have the experience, knowledge and communication set to deal with any situation thrown our way. Our quick problem-solving skills and accountability are what really sets us apart from other landscape contractors in Perth.

Attention to Detail – Meticulous detailing is embedded into our work ethic and is paramount to a stand-out job.

Quality Handover – Using durable products that are installed and sealed with the latest technologies, Premier Constructed will only sign off in the confidence that we have left a satisfied client with a project that has been built to last. Our ultimate goal is for the client to feel relaxed and proud of their new space.

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